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This site aims to catalog the largest trees in the South of Brazil, to know them and to know the state of conservation. Here we can share and exchange experiences with all those interested in studying and appreciating the great trees. You can help us build this database and find out which are the largest trees in height, diameter and volume, by region, state, forest type, etc. We can measure them together! Climbing them or gauging them on the ground. Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and those interested in high-altitude work and canopy ecology can join us on this journey, discovering new frontiers of study over the trees.





Patriarca - Parque Estadual de Vassununga, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro - SP


Climbing trees by rope to map the canopy, measuring branches, branches, the correct height of the tree, the diameters of the trunk in different positions of height, knowing the species of the canopy (plants and animals) ... It is exciting! Difficult and dangerous? Perhaps. With rope climbing techniques and correct equipment is easy and safe. Thus, we can study and manage large trees, isolated in open areas or in the forests, without knocking them down or assaulting their trunk and associated life forms, avoiding climbing with the use of spores or pecon. Conserving the trees and the ecosystem supported by them is of extreme importance for ecological studies in old growth forest because of its rarity and lack of information. These studies complement knowledge areas in biometrics, forest management, botany, phytosociology, ecology, fauna, among others, attending several areas of scientific and professional knowledge, besides encouraging arboriculture activity and canopy ecology still incipient in Brazil.



What is the biggest tree you have ever hugged so far?


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AIMING SPREADING KNOWLEDGE ON TREES GIANTS WITH SPECIAL RESEARCH Araucárias. WE PREVENT A PREVIOUS WORK ACCEPTED IN THE MAGAZINE Scientia Agricola. Look at Figure 3 of the paper to understand why the giant class> 1.5 m in diameter. Read more: https://preview.marceloscipioni.webnode.com/lista-de-arvores-gigantes2/


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07/09/2020 19:09
Pesquisadores de norte a sul do Brasil estão progredindo na identificação das raras árvores...
04/06/2020 19:20
14/03/2020 10:32
Projeto Árvores Gigantes No dia 10/03/20, o Professor Marcelo Scipioni juntamente com os acadêmicos...
07/12/2019 11:27
Era alta como um prédio de dez andares, larga a ponto de só poder ser abraçada por seis pessoas...


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